Be agro for been educated. Education is biggest asset that can owned a person till thy kingdom come. Education is not only enterring into higher institutions for knowlegde but it is building up ones mind(IQ) to solve problems. BE EDUCATED



Franadai site is the most popular and entertaining site for any person. You can find new people, get great inspirational messages, download games and get more educative links here. This site is purposely designed Africans who love to know more what is going in world. People of Africa, let us be one promotes peace and unity on our continent. We are one people, one nation and with the great one colour (black). Let be proud to be Africans.

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Posted by Frank on November 15, 2012 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Few days left for GHANA 2012 ELECTION. Am urging all the Ghanaian youth to be of themeselves and not allow any potician to them. None of them will have their family being victim if anything should happen. BE WISE!!!


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